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Enjoy a well-supervised experience and handpicked profiles to optimize the stays. We select the profiles of host families and au pairs and reject candidates if they do not meet our requirements

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A complete and comforting support from the creation of the file to the end of the stay. We will always be available for you, throughout your stay, and we will support you in case of problems.

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Advice and tips provided on all subjects thanks to the au pair experience of our agency founder who will be, as well as the rest of the team, always available to answer your questions or needs.

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We wanted to create an affordable agency, accessible to all. Moreover, in case of conflict, without serious fault or non-compliance with the contract, we will offer you a new placement free of charge.

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What are the requirements to become an au pair?

To become an au pair, you have to be aware that it is a daily commitment. Indeed, children need attention, understanding, affection but also discipline and firmness. You will experience moments of laughter and games with them, but you will also have to deal with tears, injuries and tantrums. You need to be aware of this before committing yourself and be able to handle it all.

Can I take language lessons and how do I find it ?

You must be given time off work so that you can take the lessons you want. We and/or your family will tell you where you can go to take lessons.

What are the requirements to become a host family?

You must have children older than one year, provide a private room in your house for your au pair and pay him/her pocket money every Friday. You should be aware that your au pair will live with you every day, will be part of your life and will share good and bad moments with you. Be open-minded and warm, make your au pair part of your family and treat him/her as a member of your family

How does the Shortway Programme work? Because on summer, the children will be on holidays.

It depends, there are 2 possibilities, either the au pair does not exceed the maximum number of hours of the country and the family has to find another way to take care of the children ( nursery, grandparents) or the au pair makes more hours but because of this it will be necessary to increase his/her salary

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