Lucile, the agency’s founder, shares Au Pair & Lu history with you.

A committed and responsible agency

The Au Pair and Lu Agency

Values and experience

Since I was very young, I always wanted to study foreign languages because I refused to let the language barrier hold me back in my personal or professional relationships. So I followed this path when I grew up and I have a university degree in foreign languages. I also have been an Au Pair myself a few years ago, 5 months in London (UK) and 4 months in Marbella (Spain) with two incredible families. This experience changed my life and made me grow a lot.

I then decided to become a part of these incredible life experiences by creating my own agency, combining everything that I liked and helped me, adding what I may have missed and bringing my ideas to optimise the stays. This is how the name Au Pair & Lu was born, you and I will create beautiful stories.

Unique concept

I wanted to create an affordable, friendly and secure agency where I could check and supervise everything, which is why, unlike all other agencies, we do not work with foreign partners. We recruit all the au pairs and families ourselves, regardless of their country, we approve the files ourselves and find the right matches for an experience in the best conditions.


A custom-made service

We propose a suitable way of relating to each other and provide permanent supervision, if necessary. We will find the right family or au pair for you and all files are carefully selected. Therefore, we allow ourselves to refuse a file if it does not seem to be in conformity with the requirements that we want to apply. 

Having heard negative experiences before setting up the agency, we absolutely want to avoid this, which is also the reason why we have no intermediaries in the search for au pairs and families. We want to avoid any disagreement about the requirements and thus optimise the matches. This requires a lot more work but allows us to provide a complete and high quality service.

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